If Foreign Exchange rates matter to you then,

KVB Global Markets Pty Ltd is the one to choose!
Need foreign cash for your next holiday trip?
Sending money overseas to buy property?
  • Competitive RatesNot only are our rates better than most banks, we even beat most of other FX service providers know to offer good rates.
  • No Commission over AU$2,000No commission will be charged if your total transaction value exceeds AU$2,000 regardless of the number of currencies you purchase.
  • Eleven Major CurrenciesWe deal in USD, JPY, EUR, NZD, AUD, GBP, HKD, CAD, SGD, CNY and CHF.
  • Stock always availableWe maintain a large stock of physical foreign currencies and obtain supplies every day. We can meet your foreign cash needs for any long overseas holiday’s even over. Should we run out of the currency you desire, we can normally get you the currency next day.
  • Foreign Currency AccountYou may wish to exchange your currency now because you think the rate is favorable. But you may not need the currency because your next holiday trip is three months away… We act like your virtual safe. You can hold your purchased currencies in your account until you withdraw them. We keep customers’ funds in segregated accounts in trust with our Bankers (CBA & ANZ) so your money is protected.
  • Money TransferWhen it comes to international money transfer, security is just as important as FX rates. We, as an Australian Financial Services Licensee (#334293), hold customers’ funds in segregated accounts in trust. These accounts are regularly audited by a big four accounting firm. This means you have NO credit risk when using us. We only use major Australian banks as our channel for your remittance.
  • Limit OrderIf you transfer overseas AU$10,000 or more you can place a limit order. Your funds will be converted automatically at your requested rate if or when that rate is hit, even while you are in bed!

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KVB Global Markets Pty Ltd

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