KVB Kunlun Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our core mission is to provide safe hedging and value-adding services for the wealth of our customers. With many years of relevant experiences and resources that are deeply rooted in the overseas cities with large Chinese populations, KVB Kunlun provides customized wealth management and planning programs to meet respective financial needs of enterprises and individual clients at different stages.

Enterprise Wealth Management

Enterprise Wealth Management

Business capitals can receive a safe guarantee and reasonable returns through sound asset management services.

  • Provide Australian commonwealth and state government bonds, corporate bonds of Australia and global investment grade, international bank bonds
  • Provide customized services for equity investment of local outstanding enterprises in Australia
  • Provide special offers and interest rate selection for large-amount deposits in major currencies such as AUD, USD and etc
  • Provide dual currency deposit, deposit linked to exchange rate and other exchange rate products
  • Provide preferential rate mortgage for overseas listed stock to obtain working capital at ease
Physical Gold Transaction

Physical Gold Transaction

As a high-end financial service brand subordinate to KVB Kunlun, Kunlun Gold is committed to providing customers worldwide with the physical purchase and sale, delivery, secure storage and transportation of pure gold bullions, gold coins, silver bullions, and silver coins in many cities across the globe.

  • The recognized top mints or refiners in the world, enjoying the greatest market liquidity
  • No default risk
  • Asset hedging and realization of diversified asset allocation
  • Direct ownership by the customer
  • Armed transportation by international shipping brand, with the best level of security
  • Most competitive warehouse rate in the industry
  • Annual on-site storage check and audit at the vaults worldwide by the four biggest auditing firms in the world

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* Some products are only available for professional investors.The rate of return may vary according to investors' risk preference, investment target, duration of investment, downside protection or break-even requirements and so on.The referenced rate of return is based on the market price of January 2016.The past performance does not represent future benefits.