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8 March 2017

KVB Kunlun loans private collection to support Charles F Goldie’s Exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery

In 1898, Charles F Goldie having returned home after completing studies in France established the 'French Academy of Art' in Auckland. The son of the Mayor of Auckland might never anticipated that as an artist he would become a national treasure by dedicating his life to preserving the heritage of the Maori people.

Nearly 120 years later, from 4th March to 16th July 2017, a dedicated painting exhibition named 'Revealing the Painter and the Subject' has been revealed at the Auckland Art Gallery. The exhibition presents fourteen of Goldie's exquisite Maori portraits, along with 6 precious sketch photos. An exhibit highlight, named 'A Noble Relic of a Noble Race,' which was his last painting and also a present to his wife, Goldie completed at the age of 71. As a generous supporter of the exhibition, local financial firm KVB Kunlun has loaned the privately held portrait of Wharekauri Tahuna to the Auckland Art Gallery.

Before the opening of the exhibition to the public, the Auckland Art Gallery Foundation and KVB Kunlun co-hosted a special pre-view function and cocktail party for over 100 guests, including Rhana Devenport (Director of the Auckland Art Gallery), Andrew Smith (Chairman of Auckland Art Gallery Foundation), representatives from KVB Kunlun, the Auckland Art Gallery management team, Auckland Art Gallery Foundation members, art scholars, collectors, special guests and supporters.

Haka legends team presents a traditional Maori performance

Respected Mr Haare Williams from Haewera Group conducts Mihi ceremony

Andrew Smith (Chair of Auckland Art Gallery Foundation)

Rhana Devenport (Director of Auckland Art Gallery)

Jane Davidson-Ladd (specialist of New Zealand art history) gives explanation of Goldie's artworks’

Richard Pearson (Chairman of KVB Kunlun New Zealand)

From left: Richard Pearson( Chairman of KVB Kunlun New Zealand), Rhana Devenport (Director of Auckland Art Gallery), Andrew Smith (Chair of Auckland Art Gallery Foundation)

KVB Kunlun Management Team

Booklets of Goldie's painting sponsored by KVB Kunlun

Corporate News

Corporate News