KVB Kunlun Liquidity Solutions

Liquidity Solutions

KVB Kunlun provides liquidity solutions and a series of technology consulting services for traders involving forex and derivatives, precious metals, bulk commodities trading - including MT4 bridging, risk monitoring, transaction monitoring, price engines, price integration, backstage, reporting tools and much more. This enables risk hedging directly connected to the international market and enables institutional clients to gain a competitive advantage in the global capital market.

Cooperation contents include:

  • To provide customized trading platform and professional consultation for exchanges and dealers with independent demands for liquidity in the industry
  • 7/24 trading support, with abundant market liquidity and up to 200 times of leverage options
  • To provide partners with marketing plans and whole-course training so as to help partners establish their own brands and develop series of highly competitive and differentiated products as soon as possible
  • Assist with compliant and efficient fore, middle and back grounds process management
  • Rigid risk management and control program in place to guarantee the security of customers' funds and systems

You'll enjoy the following advantages once becoming a liquidity client of KVB Kunlun

Liquidity from top international banks

KVB Kunlun has been maintaining good cooperative relationship with leading banks and financial institutions around the world, enabling customers to directly benefit from the in-depth primary liquidity provided by the world's leading banks and institutions

Rich categories of products

In addition to foreign exchange, precious metals and other traditional products, the liquidity solutions provided by KVB Kunlun for various institutions also include a variety of popular China's stock index products to meet the investment needs of all types of customers in the market

Safe and guaranteed funds

KVB Kunlun is one of the few listed and qualified foreign exchange financial institutions in the industry, and has multinational financial regulatory licenses, securing customers' funds in the safest way.

Stability and transparency of the platform

KVB Kunlun provides customers with a fair and stable trading platform and the implementation quality of exchange standard; human-oriented interface combined with position monitoring and manual hedging, rich functionality in statistics report of account and hedging as well as stable liquidity connectivity technology to offer the best risk control experience to customers.

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