KVB Kunlun Fintech

Financial Technology

Focusing on providing high-end financial solutions, KVB Kunlun proactively leverages latest research results of financial technologies, and continuously develops high-speed and stable trading systems, settlement systems and risk management systems. These accomplishments not only meet the investment management needs of individual customers, but also provide comprehensive financial solutions for the increasingly complex businesses and risk management of importers and exporters, financial companies, banks and other professional financial institutions.

ForexStar Online Trading Platform

The platform adopts the latest security system, which can provide service in multiple languages, open multiple charts of currency pairs and offer multiple professional technical analysis indicators. Meanwhile, it can also realize the query of real-time accounts, real-time trades and backstage fixed account records, the setup of pending orders to take profit and stop loss, risk hints and other functions.

The following advantages can be obtained by using ForexStar trading platform:

  • Real matchmaking transactions, with quotes offered by international banks
  • Support frequent hedging transactions with unlimited free trading
  • Floating spread mode, with the spread of gold/US dollar as low as 0.42
  • 5-digit precise quotes to obtain the most accurate price fluctuations

Enterprise Forex Treasury Platform

E-Treasury Star, an enterprise forex treasury platform, is a software system independently developed by KVB Kunlun to provide comprehensive solutions to foreign exchange trading, market risk and funds management, and it can provide a full range of treasury management services for enterprises, commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions.

Services include:Treasury system application and implementation, compliance supervision and process reengineering, stock and flow management of on-shore and off-shore cash pool, foreign exchange transaction and portfolio strategy, risk management strategy consulting, foreign exchange personnel and treasurer training as well as treasury and foreign exchange management outsourcing.

  • Real-time mastery of headquarters assets.Effective understanding of the headquarters' portfolio information, increase of capital liquidity as well as reduction of capital costs and control risks.
  • Smart business decisions.Solid data can be provided for critical decision making of the enterprise through accurate and timely understanding of the current reserve.
  • Strict security assurance.The system has an array of security measures to effectively guarantee the security of system data and customer asset.
KVB Kunlun Fintech

Data Management System for Forex Transactions

The data management system for foreign exchange transactions can efficiently deal with capital business of foreign exchange for banks, financial institutions and international trade enterprises to timely, accurately and efficiently operate foreign exchange transactions and capital delivery so as to improve capital service efficiency and reduce market risk.

  • Provide foreign exchange transaction data, including currency pairs, real-time foreign exchange quotes, historical data and various technical indicators.
  • Provide collection interfaces for the sources of foreign exchange transaction data, such as the data resource interfaces of Reuters, Bloomberg, and the second-tier agents.
  • Foreign exchange transaction data can be processed and the tradable quotes can be provided according to the needs of different customers.
  • Provide published interfaces of foreign exchange transaction data for the integration with various trading platforms, such as the ForexStar or the enterprise forex treasury platform.
KVB Kunlun Fintech

Consulting and Software Development Services

When customers need to add new trading tools and asset classes to their existing platforms, our consultants can offer different options and can provide a system tailored to their business models through the development center.Based on our deep understanding of the industry and technology, we implement various selected transactions, treasury and wealth management systems for our clients, and 7/24 uninterrupted support and hosting services can be made through our maintenance and operations teams deployed in different cities.

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