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One-stop Solution for Enterprise Foreign Exchange Management

Business activities of modern enterprises occur each day throughout the world, making the international settlement, cross-border payment, and enterprise foreign exchange management. There are indispensable requirements for cross-border business and trading. Based on many years of comprehensive experiences in foreign exchange management, KVB Kunlun has been working closely with many of the world's leading banks and financial institutions to provide highly competitive special cases of settlement solutions for cross-border receipt and payment, enterprise foreign exchange management system, foreign exchange hedging and hedging consulting services, in order to effectively satisfy the needs of foreign exchange and derivative products for cross-border E-commerce companies, importers and exporters, and large to small size enterprises as well as individuals.

KVB Kunlun provides you with the following services:

Global Settlement and International Remittance

KVB Kunlun Global Capital Limited has specially launched KVBPay, a global electronic payment platform, and the EFX online trading system through electronization of the whole links of the traditional foreign exchange transaction, settlement, and payment to enable you to enjoy convenient online payment and transaction whenever and wherever possible. No matter how large the world is, it can be narrowed through clicks.

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Corporate Forex Management

KVB Kunlun provides a powerful backstage database service to help enterprises quantify positions and account period risks as well as provide the most optimized enterprise foreign exchange management programs and process consulting so as to help more enterprises control capital risk, release fund turnover pressure and resist the risks of exchange rate fluctuations.

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Risk Hedging and Consulting

With years of transaction and hedging experience in the foreign exchange industry, KVB Kunlun provides you with multiple professional products and services.

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Cross-border e-Commerce Forex Solution

With our industry-leading financial risk control system and an experienced forex trading team, we can quickly and effectively take hedging measures after confirming the exposure of foreign exchange risks in cross-border e-commence to prevent causeless profit loss of cross-border E-commerce companies caused by uncontrollable exchange rate fluctuations.

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Treasury Management and Process Design

A comprehensive system can help you complete complex cash flow management, and greatly enhance the operation efficiency of liquid assets.A best practice can help you streamline your internal and external operational processes and greatly improve the convenience and security of day-to-day fund operations.We provide various kinds of system products and follow-up services for commercial and non-bank financial institutions to help them fulfill their management requirements in corporate treasury.

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